Warning to beachgoers to stay away from West Bay cliffs

Beach goers warned to stay away from the cliffs Credit: ITV News

A warning to thousands of beachgoers to stay away from cliffs along our coastline after hundreds of tonnes of rock came down in Dorset. Luckily, no one was trapped or seriously injured in the cliff collapse at West Bay near Bridport - but it's the fourth incident in the area in recent months.

In just a couple of hours today our reporter saw people sitting at the base of these cliffs. One incident saw a boy enjoying his holiday on the Jurassic coast, climbing on a bit of cliff that collapsed in February. His family seemed unaware:

And even on top of them. This girl dangling her feet over the edge above one of the falls.

Sitting at the top of cliffs that recently collapsed Credit: ITV News

Hundreds of tonnes of rock came down yesterday evening. Cliff falls like this along this stretch of the Jurassic Coast aren't unusual, but this is the fourth this year, the third this month. And while there might not be another one until for months there could also be another cliff fall as big as this, if not bigger, tomorrow.

Lifeguards were warning people to stay clear of the base of the cliffs. Sam Scriven, Jurassic Coast geologist warns there will be more at some point. He believes it's unusual to have so many in a short space of time and thinks it's linked to a single event.

This beach made famous by Broadchurch remains a popular spot. There is plenty to enjoy even away from the spectacular cliffs.