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Poster girl for organ transplants faces new fight for life

A fitness instructor from Devon is fighting for her life after two double lung transplants. Kirstie Tancock's body is now rejecting the second set of organs given to her to combat cystic fibrosis.

But despite all her setbacks, Kirstie has launched an appeal for the hospital that has twice saved her life.

Kirstie Tancock remains positive despite her body rejecting her latest lung transplant. Credit: ITV News

Cystic fibrosis is a life limiting condition which attacks her lungs and digestive system. Five years ago Kirstie was on the transplant waiting list. She planned her wedding and married as her health deteriorated.

She had her first transplant weeks after the ceremony.

Kirstie on her wedding day. Credit: ITV News
Kirstie Tancock pictured here after her second lung transplant.

Two years later her body rejected those lungs and she was transplanted again. Last week she was given the news that despite treatments, her lung function has continued to decline. Her options are running out.

But despite her health problems, Kirstie, who is a staunch advocate for organ donation, is determined to give something back. She's vowed to raise £2,000 for Harefield Hospital by her birthday at the end of September.

After that she is using her skills as a fitness pole and hoop instructor and performer to take part in an event with the charity Beauty Unseen, highlighting her story and how organ donation has allowed her to live her life to the full.

A third transplant may not be an option for Kirstie. She says the doctors have said it's unlikely because her body has gone into rejection following the last two. But she's pragmatic to the end.

I don't want to panic that just because I have chronic rejection that I'm going to die. That wouldn't be helpful to anyone.

It wouldn't be helpful for my family who are trying to deal with this process and I think sometimes you have to behave how you want everyone else to, and you want everyone to be positive for you.

– Kirstie Tancock
  • Kirstie is raising money for Harefield Hospital here