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Baby girl makes full recovery thanks to ice body suit

Photo: Family

A family say they are overwhelmingly grateful to a Bristol hospital for saving their miracle daughter.

Willow Rose Forrest stopped breathing for eight minutes when she was born by C-section in Gloucestershire in April last year.

A team from St Michael's used revolutionary cooling therapy to prevent brain damage and she's now made a full recovery.

Credit: ITV News

The refrigeration suit used by specialists at St Michael's Hospital in Bristol, cooled her body for three days to prevent brain damage.

Fifteen months on she's made a full recovery but relieved parents Martin and Bex Forrest say it was a terrifying ordeal.

It was definitely the worst experience of my life. It was just horrendous. Just lying there helpless, not hearing our baby cry. Yeah - it was unbearable.

– Bex Forrest, Willow's mother
Willow now, 15 months on - she's made a full recovery. Credit: ITV News