MP calls for urgent inquiry after iconic Banksy mural torn down

A general view of the Banksy mural which targets the issue of Government surveillance that was vandalised. Credit: PA

An MP has called for an urgent inquiry after an iconic Banksy mural was torn down - as some sources claim it has been destroyed.

The 'Spy Booth' artwork, which appeared in 2014, was removed by a man with a power drill on Saturday (20 August). Outraged Alex Chalk, MP for Cheltenham, has called for an urgent inquiry following news of its destruction.

The Spy Booth mural pictured three 1950s-style spy agents wearing trilby hats and trench coats, using devices to tap into phonecalls at a telephone box.

The fate of the mural - which is protected by law after council planners agreed to grant it retrospective planning permission last year - is not yet known.

But Louise Price, the partner of David Possee, who owns the house it was painted on, said she believes it has been destroyed.

This is a picture of the wall now, following the mural's removal. Credit: ITV West Country

Witnesses claim 'Spy Booth' was destroyed while being removed on Saturday - but the real-life phone box it is painted around is still there.

Tarpaulin was put up around the mural and a man with a power drill was spotted at the scene. This video posted by Twitter user Paul Norris, appears to show the moment it was taken down.