Trial of men charged in connection to teen's death finally draws to a close

Closing arguments are due to take place in the trial of two men charged with causing the death of North Devon teenager, Scarlett Keeling.

15-year-old Scarlett, from Brandisworthy, was found dead on Anjuna Beach in Goa in February 2008.

Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvaliho are accused of plying her with drugs, sexually assaulting her and leaving her unconscious on the beach where she drowned.

In a special report - with previously unseen footage - we travelled with Fiona in 2010 to re-examine what happened to Scarlett.

Anjuna Beach should be a tropical paradise, but the death of a North Devon teenager eight years ago exposed a shady underworld of drug use and sexual attacks.

Scarlett Keeling wasn't with her mum and siblings a few hours away when she died, she'd stayed in the resort with family friends.

Fiona MacKeown raced back to Anjuna when she was told by police that Scarlett had got drunk and drowned.

Six years ago Fiona MacKeown took our reporter Seth Conway to the location where she found Scarlett's clothes.

To Fiona it was obvious her daughter's death wasn't an accident.

She demanded a second post-mortem which discovered widespread bruising and evidence of sexual assault after being drugged.

She was certain it was a cover up and it was a deeply emotional return as she walked to where Scarlett's body was found.

Local police made a very public arrest of one of the accused, and in 2010 Samson D'Souza - the last man known to have been seen with Scarlett - and Placido Carvalho who was also identified as having been seen lying on top of the teenager on the beach the night she died, faced trial.

The pair deny the charge of causing her death but are also charged with drug induced sexual assault.

Samson D'Souza (L) and Placido Carvalho (R) Credit: ITV West Country

Since that time exactly six years ago the State's prosecutor has stood down and the trial has only been heard for one afternoon a month at Goa's Childrens Court.

But the UK Foreign Office has told Fiona MacKeown that the trial will end this week and she's returned to India to let them know she hasn't forgotten.

Scarlett Keeling is buried on the family's smallholding in North Devon.

What should have been the holiday of a lifetime cost the fifteen year old her life.

What happened on that February night eight years ago may never truly be known. Why did local police call her death an accident? Fiona maintains she was murdered but if so by whom and for what reason? And will justice be served.