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Russia says thankyou to WWII Arctic convoy heroes

A pensioner has been presented with a medal by the Russians 70 years after taking part in the Arctic convoys which kept their country supplied during the Second World War.

Ken Robinson saw many ships in the convoys destroyed, but his only injury was a sore head from getting out of a lifeboat.

Winston Churchill described the Arctic convoys as the 'worst journey in the world' And this man made that journey...and survived.

Ken, from Nailsworth, was a radio officer on board some of the ships which kept Russia supplied during the Second World War.

Ken Robinson watches footage of the Arctic Convoys Credit: ITV West Country

Now, what he and his crewmates did has been officially recognised by the Russian government - and Ken has been presented with a service medal and Russian passport.

The medal and passport given to Ken by the Russian Government Credit: ITV West Country

But what does he think of it all?

Some 85 Merchant Vessels and 3,000 lives were lost during the four year campaign.

Ken's ship was torpedoed but he survived, though with a sore head.

Your nerves start going and you get into the boats, in my case I was unlucky because there was a swell and the boat went up, the block and tackle came down and smacked me on the head. So that knocked me out for a bit.

– Ken Robinson

Ken says he is proud to have received honours from both the government and now from Russia for being part of the Arctic convoys - medals which some might say were late coming, but welcomed nonetheless.