In search of a safe haven: we go dolphin-watching with the Devon Wildlife Trust

Britain's wildlife trusts are worried the dolphins could become endangered without laws in place to protect them. Credit: ITV News

A campaign's underway on our coastline to provide safe havens for dolphins.

Lyme Bay off the Devon and Dorset coasts already has a marine conservation zone - an area where the seabed is protected from fishing.

Now it could become the only area where some types of dolphin are protected too.

Our reporter Richard Lawrence took to a boat with the Devon Wildlife Trust to join one of their all-important surveys, hoping to see white-beaked dolphins.

So, did they have any luck?

They spotted Common dolphin - although actually the animals are not-so-common now.

Britain's wildlife trust are worried that dolphins which make their home in the deep waters around our shorelines could become endangered without laws in place to protect them.

There are voluntary agreements in some areas to encourage trawlers to steer clear of the marine mammals, but the Wildlife Trust say this isn't enough.

The next spot while our reporter was out on the boat was a group of Harbour Porpoises - these are often elusive so it was a really special sighting.

The Trust says further safeguards will not just be significant for dolphins, but for the whole ecosystem which sustains and surrounds them: