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Your views: Swindon Town to charge fans again for re-arranged match

Swindon Town's controversial decision to charge supporters full price for their rearranged fixture with Bristol Rovers has got many of you talking on our social media sites.

The game was abandoned on Saturday due to an electrical storm. Refunds will also not be available for those who attended the game, despite fans being told to keep their stubs.

Adults tickets for the rearranged match on 20 September

Swindon Town said the club still had to cover match-day costs as they would for any other home game.

But many fans feel the move is unfair:

Disgusting! My husband is going to boycott the match!

– Sheila Masey, Facebook

Why re-charge fans? It wasn't their fault the match was abandoned.

– Les Wood, Facebook

Definitely boycott, that is a total disgrace!

– Wesley Allin, Facebook

But other's agree with the decision:

You can't claim your TV license back if you have a power cut 2/3rds through a film, so you should pay for the re-match...

– Moggy Moore, Facebook

Some think the club are right to recover match-day costs, but should not make a profit on the abandoned game:

There should be a small charge for police, tickets, staff and lights but they should not be making a profit on the rearranged match!

Have Swindon town give fans back a third of the admission price? No!

– Graham Seers, Facebook

I think that they should charge, but give a reduction to those with ticket stubs. After all they did get 2/3 of the match

– Alasdair Crook, Facebook

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