Defence Secretary Michael Fallon defends closure of Stonehouse Barracks as 'getting rid of land we don't need'

The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has defended the Government's decision to close the Stonehouse Barracks in Plymouth, saying the Government is 'getting rid of land that we don't need'.

The closure of the historic barracks is part of a plan to save £225 million and create space for thousands of new homes.

The historic Barracks - which have been in operation since 1785 and are the home of 3 Commando Brigade - are one of thirteen proposed site for closure by the MOD.

The Defence Secretary Michael Fallon defended the closure saying the Government is 'getting rid of land we don't need'. Credit: PA Images

The Defence Secretary said the Government's commitment to defence remained strong. He said:

The MoD says there is 'no longer a Defence requirement' for the 13 sites it has decided to close. Credit: ITV News

The Ministry of Defence says the closure of the sites will provide land for up to 17,000 new homes, contributing to the Government’s target of building 160,000 new homes by 2020.

The aim of the MoD scheme is to free up land by selling off sites for which there is 'no longer a long-term Defence requirement'.