A toddler who survived after being accidentally shot in the head with an air gun has been left "severely disabled" and blind in one eye, his parents have said.

19-month-old Harry Studley, was hit by a pellet from an air rifle in a flat in Bristol in July.

Doctors managed to save his life but the child has been left with no sight in his left eye. The left side of his body was also severely weakened after the shooting.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, Harry's father Edward Studley said: "Not much has changed in himself, but the left hand side is still weak, and added onto that is the loss of vision in his left eye."

"We didn't know anything about the blindness. It's a really new thing."

It was another stab wound to the heart. He's not even two years old but he's severely disabled and partially sighted. It's something which developed. Doctors didn't really know it was affected at first because that wasn't really their first priority.

Edward Studley

He also said the pellet which struck the toddler might never be removed, but the family is thankful that he is alive and recovering.

Harry went with his family to meet the air ambulance crews earlier this week during a day trip out of the hospital.

His family wanted to thank the paramedics whose swift action could have saved the toddler's life.

A fundraiser launched for Harry in the wake of the shooting has now raised more than £1,000, which will be used to buy special equipment to help his recovery.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving our baby boy, without your fast action our son wouldn't be here today. You are fantastic at your jobs and absolute superheroes to us. Thank you so much.

Edward Studley
£1000 has been raised to help buy specially-made toys to stimulate Harry's senses Credit: Fundraising page/ Family

A man has already pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm, and a woman is due in court charged with aiding and abetting him.