Proposals published for 'Devonwall' constituency

People have been unhappy about the plans since they were announced Credit: ITV News

In order to reduce the number of MPs in the House of Commons, constituencies ( the areas within people vote for a representative) across the country have been reviewed.

The Boundary Commission has undertaken a boundary review to create parliamentary constituencies which are more similar in size.

In the proposed changes to the South West, a new 'Devonwall' constituency will be created, crossing the border between Devon and Cornwall.

The changes will primarily affect North Devon and North Cornwall; a new Bideford, Bude and Launceston constituency would be formed.

Planned 'Devonwall' constituency Credit: ITV News

The new constituency encompasses 9 wards currently in North Cornwall and 18 currently in Torridge and West Devon.

The rest of Torridge would be incorporated into a revised Central Devon constituency.

500 people took part in a joint protest Credit: ITV News

The plan for a "Devonwall" constituency has sparked anger in both counties with protests from residents and a number of MPs speaking out against the idea.

When the proposal was announced in 2010, about 500 people took part in a joint protest at the Tamar Bridge which joins Cornwall and Devon.

MPs voted to delay a decision on redrawing boundaries across the UK in January 2013.

The new boundary will cross the Tamar Credit: ITV News

The Boundary Commission is consulting on the proposals for the next 12 weeks you can submit your comments here.

After the consultation, which ends December 5th, the responses will be published and a secondary consultation will take place in spring 2017.