Missing calf survived 9 day sinkhole ordeal

Credit: SWNS

A farmer who assumed a 10 day old calf was dead was amazed when walkers found it hidden in a sink hole nine days later.

The baby Gloucester cow was found alive and well with it's head popping out of a metre deep hole.

Cheese maker Jonathan Crump has feared the worst when the calf vanished at 10 days old.

The calf has now been named 'Sinky' and Mr Crump say he's amazed it survived so long without milk.

He noticed Sinky was missing on the 2nd of September when it failed to come in with its mother.

He gave up after searching his farm for the baby cow after he failing to find it.

But then friends Dan Rawlings and Tom Lewis alerted dairy staff on Sunday after lifting the animal out and watching it run straight to its mother to feed.

It is thought the sinkhole was created by an underground spring.

Sinky is now being treated with electrolytes to try to combat dehydration, and should make a full recovery.

Credit: SWNS