Hinkley: South West reacts

Hinkley Point C has been given the go ahead Credit: PA Images

The Government has given the final go ahead for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, following a "new agreement" with EDF.

The decision hasfaced numerous delays and has divided opinion since the proposal was tabled.

A new deal has now been approved by the government and so far the reaction on Twitter from the region's MPs has been largely positive but not everyone living in the South West agrees.

MP for Yeovil Marcus Fysh says it's good news for Somerset:

East Devon's Hugo Swire MP believes it's the right decision:

MP for Gloucester Richard Graham says it's valuable investment:

Bath MP Ben Howlett is pleased with the decision:

Torbay's Kevin Foster shared the following:

Not everyone is happy with the decision:

Disastrously stupid & expensive decision. It will over run, cost way more than even the worst estimate & if it ever does produce electricity it will have been overtaken by newer greener technology. I suggest it uses an enormous white elephant as a logo.

Phil Polley on Facebook

This is such bad news, renewables is the way to go , nuclear waste is poluting the planet.

Irene Dickinson on Facebook

Wait for fusion power, it's likely to be available by the time this monstrosity is finish.

Dave Martin