What does Hinkley Point mean for you?

William Haley is hoping to benefit from having Hinkley on its doorstep Credit: ITV News

Somerset has been gearing up for Hinkley for years but now the project has got the final go ahead, business leaders say there should be a jobs bonanza.

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The plant is expected to supply 7% of the UK's electricity needs, powering around six million homes, and creating thousands of jobs.

But what will it mean for the south west? And how can you directly benefit?

'Jobs', 'employment', 'hard-working families' - these are the buzzwords on the tips of our politicians tongues when talking about Hinkley. While it may be repetitive, they do make a strong case:

The construction of Hinkley Point C is estimated to create 25,000 jobs. The project also aims to create 1,000 apprenticeships, and that's before it's even fully completed in 2025.

For how to apply for jobs, the recruitment process is already underway via EDF.

Construction is already underway Credit: PA Images


Over 60% of the project’s £20billion construction value is predicted to go to UK companies.

One company in Bridgwater, that's already benefiting, is Elecsis Switchgear Ltd. They build switchboards to transfer power, and now, with the prospect of supplying Hinkley, they've constructed a new factory and are taking on more engineers.

Elecsis Switchgear is expecting to double their workforce Credit: ITV News
William Haley is hoping to benefit from having Hinkley on its doorstep Credit: ITV News

Down the road in the shadow of Brent Knoll, an unexpected sight off a country lane. A vast arena of blue light and sparks. William Haley Engineering makes the steel frames for buildings.

Opportunities are already emerging across the south west, but with further investment to be confirmed, this is just the beginning. Hinkley will have a lasting impact on employment across our region, and now is the time to take advantage.