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'The Archers' storyline inspires domestic abuse fundraiser

Paul Trueman set up a Just Giving Page to raise money for Refuge Photo: ITV News

Millions of fans have been gripped by the storyline of domestic abuse in one soap opera over the last few weeks.

The trial of Helen Titchener concluded last weekend with her being found not guilty of the attempted murder of her husband Rob - in a special episode of The Archers on the BBC.

The Archers Trial, BBC Credit: Julia Quenzler

One fan of the show from North Devon was so moved by the storyline he decided to set up a Just Giving Page to raise 1,000 pounds for the charity Refuge.

Paul Trueman from Croyde set up the fundraising page in the hope of helping women who are trapped in similar situations in real life.

The page continues to receive donations Credit: Just Giving

Seven months on he's raised almost 170,000 pounds - including tens of thousands during the last week thanks to the publicity surrounding conclusion of the trial.

If the show has done anything it's made us all have a conversation about something that is clearly a massive issue.

There's an element to domestic abuse that hasn't been talked about before, coercive control, and people's lives can be ruined but you might not realise it from the outside.

– Paul Trueman, Fundraiser