Labour's Leader says he's a man who gets the South West

Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

In front of around a hundred delegates and activists from the West and South West the re-elected Labour leader pledged to re-build and increase the party's vote across the West Country.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to be seen as a man who understands this part of the world, he talks regularly of improving railway services and the need in both urban and rural areas for more homes, and believes that the West Country is one of the areas that desperately needs both.

Much of the problem for Labour at the moment is that it is seen as a urban focussed party but the leader is keen to change that.

Pledges of increasing rural bus services and fighting for better broadband internet are among his ideas to win favour those living outside of our major towns and cities.

Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

While Mr Corbyn is looking to end talk of the recent leadership contest and publicly encouraging unity, one area that is seemingly uniting many in the party is so called Brexit, for now at least.

Many here at the annual Labour Party Autumn conference in Liverpool are talking about a duty to hold the Conservatives to account over the EU exit negotiations.

Today Labour is making a major pledge as to how it would help the UK regions who receive huge funds from the EU.

If in Government Labour is promising to pay the same amount of money until 2020 as the regions are being promised from the union now. For the West Country that's a massive £1,495m (from 2014 to 2020), by far the largest amount to any region of England (only Wales received more in the U.K.).


the amount of money Labour is promising to pay to the West Country if it gets into Government.

Credit: Danny Lawson/PA

That is course is an easy promise to make whilst Labour is in opposition, but those figures alone are another way the party will look to carry favour with voters in the South West. Winning over voters here is crucial if the party stands any chance of winning a general election, which many here at conference believe could just be a few months away.

This Saturday Mr Corbyn is calling all Labour members to hit the streets and campaign against the Conservative's plan to reintroduce grammar schools, it's an easy subject to unite members in the short term and is something the Labour Leader (a former grammar school pupil) is dead against.

But this will be an early opportunity for campaigners to see just how relevant voters think Labour is now its leadership row is out of the way, for now at least.

Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA