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Screams of horror as father of the bride drops wedding cake during speech

It's every bride and groom's worst nightmare - to have spent months planning their big day, only for one little thing to go wrong.

Like the cake being dropped perhaps?

Well that's exactly what happened to Dina and Johnny Smart who didn't know what to do when father of the bride Andy Todd picked up the cake to thanks its maker.

Credit: Andy Todd

After screams of horror, and looks of absolutely shock from the bride and groom Andy revealed the whole thing was just a prank.

Thankfully the real cake was safely in the back.

Credit: Andy Todd

I'd been planning it for six months and I didn't even tell my wife. On the way to the church I was having second thoughts - it could go one way or the other. My wife had told me not to do anything to wind Dina up.

To start with, Dina was really shocked - but that soon turned to relief! I didn't want to make it last too long. I didn't want her to cry and have mascara running down her face.

I made sure it only lasted a few seconds before I pointed out the real cake at the back.

– Andy Todd
  • See the 'cake drop' in its entirety...

After the laughter died down Andy got on with his speech, at St Mary's Hall in Dawlish.

We've been told it was just as funny!

Dina married Johnny Smart at St Marys Hall, Dawlish. Credit: Andy Todd