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Family reveals the hidden cost of cancer after nearly losing business

Megan Newman was only 12 years-old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour Photo: Family

A family from Bath has revealed how caring for their daughter when she was diagnosed with cancer almost cost them their business and livelihood.

Megan Newman was just 12 years old when doctors found a brain tumour. She underwent surgery and almost two years of chemotherapy and aftercare.

The Newman's looking through family photos

Her parents Andrew and Lydia took turns to care for her but then found themselves struggling to keep the family building business afloat:

One of us would stay with Megan all the time, we used to travel back and forth to Bristol and Bath. We had to try to run our own business, try to keep our guys in work.

The workload reduced, we unfortunately had to let a couple of the blokes go eventually, and wind the business down as much as possible without actually closing it altogether. Obviously it had a massive impact on our income.

– Andrew & Lydia Newman

They're now backing a campaign calling for more financial help for those coping with the cost of cancer.

CLIC Sargent aims to highlight and ease the hidden financial burden. They say while it is relatively straightforward to get unpaid leave, when treatment lasts several years, there is a massive impact on your income.

Megan pictured before the brain tumour

Megan is now clear of the brain tumour. It has left her with life changing side effects, but like so many young cancer victims, she has the love and support of her family, whatever the sacrifices they have had to make.