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Gallery: celebrating our pets for National Black Dog Day

Did you know that black rescue dogs have to wait on average far longer to find a new home than dogs of any other colour?

For National Black Dog Day, animal charities in the South West are encouraging people to think about giving a home to a black dog.

When we posted this story on twitter, many of you got in touch with photos of your own beautiful black dogs, and messages encouraging other would-be pet owners to take one in too.

This is Bertie, look at his beautiful black coat! Credit: Susanna Dunnett
"This is my gorgeous rescue dog Spyro" Credit: Amanda Sly/ Twitter

I have taken on three rescue dogs since early 90s, two have been black. Both have been great

– Steve Woolley, Twitter

We rescued two black lurchers! Not because of their colour, that doesn't matter, because we fell in love with them!

How ridiculous that the colour of a dog should matter to anyone! Like us, they are all equal

– Sarah Little Wright

I love my girlies and I may be biased but I think the black ones are the most beautiful ones to have...

– Crystal Pratt
"Our mostly Black Dog! Before we adopted her last year" Credit: @rose_alliance / Twitter
This lovely dog may be black and white, but he has some rather muddy paws... Credit: @MillieOTLFP
"My gorgeous boy who I lost in 2013 but never far from my thoughts" Credit: Bev Miller