Plea to find homes for rescue dogs overlooked because of their colour

Credit: The Forever Hounds Trust

A South West animal charity says many rescue dogs across the region are left overlooked in kennels and animal centres - because of their colour.

The Forever Hounds Trust, formerly Greyhound Rescue West of England, is urging people to think about giving a home to an unwanted black dog.

It says there are many more black dogs currently waiting for a home in kennels across Somerset than any other colour, and it seems to be a national problem.

On average, black dogs spend 30% longer waiting to be offered a home than other dogs.

This is a big problem for centres which rehome greyhounds and lurchers - over 70% of greyhounds are black.

Dogs like Marcus are in need of a home - but his colour may be putting people off Credit: The Forever Hounds Trust

Today marks National Black Dog Day, and the Forever Hounds Trust is appealing for people to think about whether they could offer a home to a black dog in need.

The Trust’s kennels near Bath in Somerset, are currently home to several black dogs, and the charity says they make wonderful pets.

“Black greyhounds and lurchers make wonderful, loving companion animals, just as their lighter-coloured canine friends do. We affectionately refer to our greyhounds as the 40mph couch potato, as they really don’t need much exercise. Just a short walk each day is enough and they will quite happily spend the rest of the time snoozing on the sofa.”