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'Save Our Beds' protest outside Okehampton Hospital

'Save Our Beds' Photo: ITV West Country

There have been protests outside Okehampton Hospital over plans to close all sixteen of the hospitals in patient beds.

Councillor Kevin Ball, Devon County Council:

The proposed closure has raised fears over the hospitals overall future.

It means 143 beds spread over seven hospitals will be reduced to 72 located at just three.

Community beds have been gradually reduced in recent years. Credit: ITV West Country

Last month the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group unveiled plans to cut half of the in-patient beds in its eastern locality.

Not everyone was particularly vocal! Credit: ITV West Country

Devon is largely a rural community and it would appear that all NHS Devon decisions are going against those people living in rural communities. Within Okehampton all local councillors are in full support of the our newish hospital remaining open.

– Cllr, Rev Mike Davies
Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country

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