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Survivors share their breast cancer stories for charity

Karen was pregnant when she was diagnose with breast cancer Credit: Joseph Meredith Photography

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women in the UK and yet those who've had the disease say it can be a very lonely experience.

Survivors from the South West have shared their stories in a book in an effort to provide hope and comfort to others.

Emma was only 5 when her mother died from breast cancer Credit: Joseph Meredith Photography

Money raised from book sales will go to BUST, the charity supporting the breast cancer unit at Bristol's Southmead Hospital.

Celebrating it's 25th year, BUST has raised over a million pounds to help treat people.

The book marks 25 years of the charity BUST Credit: ITV West Country

As well as the emotional and very personal accounts of 25 people who've been touched by breast cancer - the book features some beautiful professional photos.

An exhibition of those photos is on display in Southmead Hospital.

The collection was put together by Elizabeth King. A survivor herself, she wanted to provide comfort to others touched by the disease.

Carol Newman is one of five sisters, four of them have had breast cancer, she's the only one who survived.

Carol and two of her sisters Credit: Carol Newman

I can remember the day I went for my results and Mr Cawthorne sat by his desk and he didn't even look up and he said, you have to have a double mastectomy, how do you feel about that?

– Carol Newman

Behind each of the photographs is a story of breast cancer survival, most of the people featured are women, but every year 370 men in the UK are diagnosed too.

BUST has raised over a million pounds to help treat people like Carol Credit: Joseph Meredith Photography
Elisabeth King is behind the project Credit: Joseph Meredith Photography