World's worst art wanted- entries to open for this year's Turnip prize

2015 Turnip Prize winner "Dismal And" Credit: Turnip Prize

Can you make the world's worst art? An appeal has begun for entries for this year's Turnip Prize, a spoof UK award satirising the Tate Gallery's Turner Prize by rewarding deliberately bad modern art.

Credit is given for entries containing bad puns as titles or displaying "lack of effort".

Conversely, entries with "too much effort" are immediately disqualified. The first prize is a turnip nailed to a block of wood.

The Turnip prize was conceived in 1999 by regulars at the New Inn in Wedmore, Somerset after the exhibition of Tracey Emin's My Bed won the Turner Prize .

Announced as, "The Turnip Prize is a crap art competition ... You can enter anything you like, but it must be rubbish." The competition is based on the supposition, "We know it's rubbish, but is it art?". Competitors submitted entries of ridiculous objects posing as contemporary art, mostly made from junk titled with spoofs or puns. The prize is a turnip impaled on a rusty six-inch nail.

Credit: Turnip Prize

Last year's award went to a highly topical entry - a tribute to the newest party in parliament - UKIP.

It was awarded to Ms Drunken Shepherd for her work entitled “Ewe Kip” (A Sleeping Sheep). See what she did there?

Ms Drunken Shepherd with her entry and the coveted Turnip Prize Credit: Turnip Prize