Forget Poldark, now Germans are filming in Cornwall

The sight of film crews in Cornwall is something we've got used to. The county's beautiful coastline regularly feature on our screens. But they're also a big draw for crews from abroad.

For the past few weeks a production company from Germany has been here to make the latest in a series of films based on the works of Cornish author Rosamunde Pilcher.

Dan Hatfield has loaned his home at Mawgan Porth to the production crew for four days Credit: ITV News

We're used to Cornwall featuring on Doc Martin and Poldark but here the county is being used as a backdrop for one of the most popular series on German television. It takes about 20 days to film one of the dramas, travelling all over Cornwall for the scenes as Rosamunde Pilcher's romances are mostly based in the Duchy.

The German crew watch the trims for the drama which will draw in millions of viewers at home Credit: ITV News

Their audiences on German broadcaster ZDF rival those here for soaps like Coronation Street - around 7 million people tune in on a Sunday night. It's estimated the films bring 200,000 tourists a year from Germany eager to see the scenes featured on their TV screens.

And it's reckoned they bring in £120 million to the local economy.

For the cast it means long periods away from home - but the actors are not complaining.

This house at Mawgan Porth will probably end up on the German tourist trail once the drama is transmitted Credit: ITV News