Exmouth man gets 4,000 organ donor sign ups in memory of daughter

Steve Gazzard campaigns in memory of his daughter Sarah Wright Credit: ITV West Country

A West Country man has helped sign up more than four thousand two hundred people as part of the Organ Donor Sign Up campaign.

Steve Gazzard who comes from Exmouth started the campaign in memory of his daughter who died while awaiting a double lung transplant.

Steve has been campaigning every week since June 2012 in memory of his late daughter, Sarah Wright, the mother-of-three died aged 36.

Sarah Wright died waiting for a double lung transplant Credit: ITV West Country

Steve would like a change to the current 'opt-out' system he would like to see a scheme where anyone who has not recorded an organ donation decision will be treated as having no objection to donating.

Steve wants to change the system to opt-out donation Credit: ITV West Country

You never know when yourself or a member of your family will need an organ and where do they come from, it's not like going to a supermarket being a bag of beans.

Steve Gazzard

Steve has become a familiar figure in Exmouth.

Celebrations were held to mark the three hundredth occasion he's been out on the streets trying to get people to sign up.

He's become a recognisable face in the town Credit: ITV West Country

He does it week after week after week so patiently so courteously he's like a double glazing salesman, he doesn't go out and shout at people he just stands quietly.

Roger Bourgein, Exmouth's Town Crier

Thanks to Steve's efforts Exmouth has the highest rate of organ donor sign ups for its size for any town in England.

Steve has set a target of signing up five thousand donors and if his current track record is anything to go by you wouldn't bet against him.

Exmouth has a high rate of sign ups thanks to Steve Credit: ITV West Country