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Emergency services tackle large fire at Bristol church

A Grade II listed church in Bristol has been badly damaged after a large fire broke out.

More than thirty five fire fighters attended the blaze on St Michael's Hill, and officers say around a third of the roof has been completely destroyed.

The smoke could be seen for miles across the city Credit: Sophie Spray

Fire engines, ambulances and police were on the scene in the centre of the city and the area was cordoned off.

Several nearby residents took to social media to post videos of the fire, showing the dramatic plumes of smoke rising from the site.

The fire started at St Michael on the Mount Without, which has been closed to the public for some time.

It's thought squatters may have taken up residence inside the church - but that has not been confirmed.

The fire was in the roof of the church, and part of is has been destroyed - in percentage terms I would say around 35%.

We are trying our best to save the other 65%.

– William Roberts, Group Manager Avon Fire and Rescue

Avon Fire and Rescue say the cause of the fire is unknown, and will begin investigations when it is safe to do so.

They added there were no indications anybody was inside at the time of the fire.

Students have been evacuated from the near-by medical sciences library, and nearby residents were told to keep their windows and doors closed.

Crews say they have so far not encountered any asbestos.