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Family of high-fliers smash their way into the record books

Photo: Team Bridge

When your mum can do this, it's clear she's pretty unique.

Steph Bridge taught herself to kitesurf at 30 - and is now one of the top three women in the world.

She juggles that with training her three sons, who are also high-fliers in the sport.

My role is not only mum but it's also coach too.

– Steph Bridge

And one of those family times was smashing three world records this summer racing around the Isle of Wight.

It's quite a big challenge. It's this massive iconic yacht race that millions of people all over the world know about, and there we are with this little kite and little board going around, and I'm trying to keep up with the boys and they're really putting the pedal down.

– Steph Bridge
Credit: Team Bridge

But, when it comes to rivalries it's all friendly.

They actually went off into the distance quite a long way and i was thinking 'which one's going to make it first.

I thought that Olly would have made it first but he would have made it had he not have hit a sandbank, and then his brother Guy sort of creamed on past him and beat him so it's quite a good story!

– Steph Bridge

Beaten by just seconds, but it's all good, the only 'I' in Team Bridge is the one in family.

And when they're not off competing around the globe, there's just one place the Bridges want to be.

For me, Exmouth is still an undiscovered secret of South West England.

It's quiet, it's got a massive beach, it's got really really good winds and there's no one here. We are really lucky, it is a paradise.

– Steph Bridge

A decision on whether Kitesurfing will be included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is expected in the new year.

If it's a go, we're in no doubt Team Bridges will be flying the flag - or should we say kite - for team GB.

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Isle of Wight video courtesy of Team Bridge