Ferried treasure! Bristol crewman drops hundreds of pounds into the harbour

The recovered notes will be donated to charity - when they're dry! Credit: Bristol Ferry/ Facebook

Hundreds of pounds have been rescued from the murky depths of Bristol Harbour after spending the weekend underwater.

The crew of one of Bristol's ferry boats had unfortunately dropped a money bag containing the day's takings into the water at Harbourside.

Luckily, it was police divers to the rescue! They were out training and volunteered to help recover the goods.

The rescued notes are being dried off and donated to charity - though it's worth noting that the new £5 notes did indeed live up to their "indestructible" reputation - it was only the £10s, £20s and old fivers who needed a bit of TLC.

"Hanging it out to dry for donation!" Credit: Bristol Ferry/ Facebook

Posting on their Facebook page, the company announced they will be donated the recovered cash to the Marmalade Trust and the Julian Trust, two local charities that help lonely and homeless people in Bristol.