Houses in Bristol are now being bought more quickly than anywhere else in the UK.

The average home takes around three months to sell - but a seller in Bristol can expect their property to be displaying a "sold" sign in around half the length of time it takes in Swansea or Liverpool - research has found.

Across the UK, a home will typically sit on the market for 91 days before it is sold, according to the study from Post Office Money Mortgages.

The report found sellers in Bristol had the least amount of time to wait, with homes spending 51 days on the market.

Sellers in Swansea or Liverpool had the longest time periods to wait typically before their house is sold, at 100 and 108 days respectively. This is around double the length of time that it would take for a house in Bristol.

House prices continue to rise across the country but eager sellers should remember that this might not be any guarantee of a successful sale.

John Willcock, Post Office Money

the amount of days Bristol homes spent on the market on average

A housing development in Bristol. Credit: PA

Despite London's ability to command high house prices, a property there typically takes 89 days to sell - longer than a home in Nottingham, Manchester, Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham, Plymouth or Cardiff, according to the study.

How long a home takes to sell will have much to do with levels of demand from buyers locally as well as how many homes on the market they have to choose from.