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Averies Recycling brothers walk free from court over waste fire which burned for two months

Two brothers whose waste site burned for two months have been handed suspended sentences after breaching environmental laws.

3,000 tonnes of rubbish caught fire at the Averies Recycling Site in Swindon in July 2014 - taking eight weeks to put out.

The extinguishing effort cost around £500,000.

The smoke from the Averies waste tip fire Credit: ITV West Country

Brothers Lee and David Averies admitted two counts of breaching the Environmental Protection Act at Swindon Crown Court.

They pleaded guilty to keeping and disposing of waste in a manner likely to cause pollution to the environment or harm to human health.

Today the judge gave Lee Averies a 12 month suspended sentence saying prison was 'for serious villains' and Averies was not one. He told him 'You have many talents'.

His brother David Averies was fined £4,208 and £50,000 costs. He has been suspended from being a director of a company for three years.

It took eight weeks to extinguish the fire Credit: ITV West Country

People living nearby said the fire was a nightmare for local businesses, with the smoke rising from the site making work near to impossible.

Fire crews at Averies Recycling Credit: ITV West Country