Firefighters issue safety advice ahead of Halloween

Credit: PA

Halloween season is upon us and with it comes a safety warning from the fire and rescue team.

The Avon Fire & Rescue Service is encouraging parents and carers to ensure their children celebrate Halloween safely this year by taking care with fancy dress.

Firefighters are reminding parents to check any costumes they buy comply with safety regulations.

Children’s costumes have to meet a safety standard that states that if they catch fire, the flames must not spread faster than 30mm per second.

This is to ensure there is time to remove the costume or extinguish the flames before a child is seriously injured.

Credit: PA

Safety advice:

  • Keep all costumes away from naked flames. Use LED candles in pumpkins and other decorations as these are much safer.

  • Buy costumes from reputable sources.

  • Check the label or packaging contains the manufacturer’s name, address, postcode or phone number and a registered trademark.

  • Ensure the product is accompanied by instructions and safety information.

  • Remember, cheaper products are more likely to be counterfeit and could burn quickly if they catch fire.

  • Burns and scalds last a lifetime. Remember, if clothing does catch fire, stop, drop and roll to deprive the fire of oxygen.