Hallowe'en joke about brussels sprouts goes global

With Hallowe'en just round the corner and children poised to head off trick-or-treating, a Bath writer and photographer, came up with a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that chocolate-covered brussels sprouts would make the ideal treat for costumed youngsters.

Many children hate the traditional Christmas veg so disguising them as chocolate might seem like a good wheeze. Mark Sparrow Tweeted about it:

His Tweet has taken the Twitter world by storm. It has already been Retweeted more than 9,000 times and related Tweets have also got a huge response.

Some people went with the joke - forget toffee apples, how about toffee onions? And a Bath chocolatier has even made chocolate brussels sprouts.

Mark meant this as a joke but has borne the full brunt of Twitterdom with people reacting and/or taking exception on all levels - some people claiming the post as racist.

Mark Sparrow at home in Bath Credit: ITV News

Mark Sparrow has been taken aback by the response

When ITV News contacted him, he couldn't resist another joke though:

The chocolate Brussels sprouts was a joke. No one will actually be fed sprouts on Halloween. Scurvy still has a chance to get a toe hold.

Mark Sparrow, Journalist