Meet the brothers who've saved the Somerset cider mill

Somerset has a long tradition of cider-making and the town of Shepton Mallet is at the heart of that industry but earlier this year it was announced that one of the biggest factories there was closing down.

Now a local drinks firm run by four brothers has stepped in to save the cider mill, which used to bear their family name.

The Showering family are well used to the sound of clinking glass on a bottling line. These four brothers are the latest generation in a drinks making dynasty which goes back hundreds of years in Shepton Mallet.

Credit: ITV News

They turn out a million bottles a day - these are tonic water - their Brothers name goes onto a range of fruit ciders. Now they're hoping to expand the business - they've bought the Shepton Mallet Cider Mill, just round the corner from their existing factory, but with five times the capacity - and it has a strong family connection.

Our grandfather built the factory and so it's be great to get back there. We used to go there as children and it came out of the family business when it was sold to Allied Breweries in the late 60s so it's great to reconnect with the place.

Matthew Showering

Only 24 of the remaining 80 staff will be kept on here, but the brothers are hoping to build that workforce up again gradually.

The factory has changed hands quite a number of times since 1992 and we want to be there for the long term and build it in a sensible manner and hopefully bring it back to the condition it used to be in.

Jonathan Showering
Babycham, created by their great uncle Francis Showering, and made for many years at the factory they're now taking on. Credit: Archive

The drinks industry is a competitive market - innovation and creating new products is key. But for the Showering brothers, keeping an eye on the past and honouring their family heritage by expanding the business here in their hometown is important too.