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Prince Charles visits Slimbridge for its 70th anniversary

Prince Charles cuts a cake to celebrate the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust's 70th anniversary Credit: PA

The Prince of Wales has visited Slimbridge in Gloucestershire to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.<

Prince Charles, who has been president of the trust since 1979, came to meet and thank staff, volunteers and supporters. He took the opportunity to cut a cake to mark the anniversary.

I was trying to recall how long ago it was that I first came here, I have a feeling I was much younger than I thought I was.

I remember a long time ago the great joy of coming here when Peter Scott was here.

As a great admirer of Peter Scott, I think how lucky I was to have known him a little in those days.

– Prince Charles
Prince Charles chats with Falcon Scott, the son of Slimbridge founder Sir Peter Scott and grandson of "Scott of the Antarctic" Credit: PA

During the visit, he toured the former house of WWT founder Sir Peter Scott, describing his work as a 'remarkable achievement'.

Charles also visited the Severn Observatory tower, where he saw extensive views across the 667 acres of wetlands at the centre.

Birds including flamingos and critically endangered Hawaiian geese are part of the collection, which is seen by 240,000 visitors each year.

Prince Charles takes in the view from the Trust's observation tower Credit: PA