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Organ donation campaigner plans own funeral

Kirstie has been told she months to live Photo:

A woman from Devon who's spent years raising money and awareness for organ donation says she is planning her own funeral after being told she has months to live.

27 year old Kirstie Tancock from Honiton suffers from cystic fibrosis and has had two double lung transplants but has faced chronic rejection following both procedures.

Doctors now say there is nothing more they can do for her as she is too ill for a third transplant.

"Timewise I have 'months' - that could be ten, this could be two, but I want to remain as strong as possible so in the long run the time I do have is better quality."

– Kirstie Tancock
Kirstie walks up the aisle on her wedding day

Kirstie recieved her first transplant in 2011 three weeks after marrying her husband Stuart. She had a second three years ago but in May this began suffering chronic rejection.

She's spending her remaining time planning her funeral and raising money for Harefield Hospital. She's so far raised £4000 of her £10,000 target.

"My funeral is almost planned to a T and I will carry on doing this. It's going to be such an event I'm a little sad I can't watch."

"I'm 27, an age I never thought I would get to see but due to miracles from medical practitioners and my donors I have been kept here to enjoy what have been the best years of my life."

– Kirstie Tancock
Kirstie after her second transplant