Motorists left fuming by Plympton road works

Long tailbacks at Plympton Credit: ITV News West Country

Motorists say it's only a matter of time before there's an accident around the long-running roadworks in Plympton near Plymouth. Since June drivers have found themselves caught in long traffic jams, especially during rush hour. The work isn't due to be completed until the end of March 2017.

The work aims to improve the roads ready for an increase in traffic to and from the new town being built at Sherford. One local nursery has started opening early at 7.45am to give parents a chance of getting to work on time.

Some drivers fear it could lead to an accident. Queues regularly back up on to the A38 at busy times so that motorists are stationary on a major dual carriageway with traffic speeding by. Local bus company Target Travel is warning its drivers to take extra care.

"We have done everything possible to minimise congestion and to warn motorists of possible delays and we regularly review the traffic management to see what improvements can be made."

Devon County Council