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Police track down war memorial vandal

This graffiti tag is used regularly around Gloucester Photo: Gloucestershire Police

A man who sprayed graffiti on the War Memorial in Gloucester just days before Remembrance Sunday has been tracked down by police - but will not be prosecuted.

Instead, the 46 year old 'artist' has agreed to undertake Restorative Justice - and will probably be doing some 'legitimate painting' work for Gloucester city council.

A Gloucestershire police spokesman said "The man has been questioned and admitted the offence.

"After speaking with the victims, it has been agreed that the offender will take part in Restorative Justice.

"The details are yet to be finalised but it is likely he will be required to speak to Royal British Legion members and do some legitimate painting on behalf of Gloucester City Council."

The graffiti attack was carried out at the Cenotaph on the edge of Gloucester Park sometime between last Monday evening and Tuesday morning and was condemned by city leaders and military veterans as 'mindless' and 'despicable.'

Police say when the vandalism was committed the culprit was drunk and didn't realise it was a war memorial as he wasn't local and it was dark.

The City Council moved quickly to remove the graffiti ahead of last Sunday's Remebrance service and wreath laying