Are you energy aware? Here's how you could save

The average customer could save £300 by switching to a cheaper deal. Credit: PA Images

Millions of homeowners could be missing out on saving hundreds of pounds on their annual energy bills according to the latest figures.

The Energy Saving Trust says changing your energy supplier is one of the simplest steps to saving money.

There are a number of other easy things you can do to save money.

According to the Energey Saving Trust, each year you could save:

You could even think about renewable alternatives. Credit: ITV West Country

The charity also say UK households could save a collective £600 million a year in energy costs by switching gadgets off.

More than three-quarters of people admit to regularly leaving at least two devices on standby and 53% admit to leaving the TV on in a room when they are not watching.

Improvements to your home can also make a long-term difference.

Energy-saving improvements include:

  • insulation - e.g. loft or cavity wall insulation

  • draught-proofing

  • double glazing

  • renewable energy technologies - e.g. solar panels or wind turbines

Energy saving bulbs are an easy way to save. Credit: ITV West Country

You should also consider changing your energy provider, it's recommended that all households check at least once a year to see if they could be getting a bet deal.

Here's how to switch:

  • There is no one cheap supplier. Finding the cheapest energy deal depends very much on your area and your usage.

  • Gas and electric suppliers frequently change their prices so it's worth regularly comparing what's on offer.

  • Switching websites will help you search out the best deal. uSwitch offer a simple comparison guide, while Ofgem has a list of switching sites. In both cases, you simply search using your postcode, giving some information about your gas and electricity usage. It helps to have a recent bill to hand.

  • Free switching services will contact your old and new supplier on your behalf, and agree a switching date.

  • Your existing supplier will continue to provide your energy until the day of the switch.

  • If you change your mind, you have 14 working days (from the date you signed the contract with your new supplier) to cancel without incurring any charge.

  • Fixed-price deals may not appear the cheapest as first as they have slightly higher premiums, but they lock the price for up to three years, so could the best option in the long-term.

  • If you are tied to a contract, you may have to pay an exit fee if you switch suppliers.