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After the fire Exeter gears up for Christmas

Three weeks on from the fire which devastated the heart of Exeter, the city takes a big step forwards tomorrow with the opening of its annual Christmas market in the shadow of the burnt out hotel.

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But while the market represents some good news for shoppers, businesses are still struggling with the fallout. Noisy generators and awkward access is making life uncomfortable for some of those trying to get back to some kind of normality.

The disruption caused by the fire has had a knock effect to the Christmas Market. The generators used to power the Chalets have been relocated from their usual position.

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We would prefer if the generators were located away from our businesses, obviously we've had problems not being able to open, and the building works for the demolition for the hotel, so these generators are going to create some noise, pollution and visual impairment to the view customers normally enjoy.

– Ben Magan, Business owner
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The organisers of the market say there's nothing they can do.

It's because we've had to relocate a lot of the traders due to the hoarding area for the demolition team. The power that I need to get to these chalets is in a different location, the problem is there's an arch way on Southern Road where I can't get the generators through, so we've had to crane them over.

– Nick Rhodes, Organiser
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Shop owners are keen to see the Market being a huge success but some feel it's not just the generators that need to be moved.

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This year's Christmas Market starts on 19 November and runs until December 18.

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