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Protestors block Bristol bridges

Sisters Uncut have blocked Bristol Bridge Photo: ITV West Country/David Woodland

Protestors in Bristol have blocked two bridges as part of a national action in advance of the Autumn Statement.

They formed human blockades across Bristol bridge and Redcliffe bridge in a peaceful protest at 12.30 on Sunday (20/11).

Domestic violence campaign group 'Sisters Uncut' have staged the protest with groups in London, Newcastle, Glasgow attempting to block bridges in those cities.

The protestors stopped traffic in Bristol. Credit: ITV West Country/David Woodland

Sisters Uncut say Theresa May is"blocking migrant domestic violence survivors' bridges to safety by refusing them access to support services".

They say they're, "demanding a strategic plan for all domestic violence survivors, regardless of immigration status, that supports black and brown, disabled and LGBT+ survivors."

The road block on Redcliffe Bridge. Credit: ITV West Country/David Woodland

The Bristol group have criticized the council for taking inadequate measures to house domestic violence survivors.