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Save our skatepark! Internationally known site faces uncertain future

An internationally famous skateboard, scooter and cycling centre is facing closure if it can't find another premises.

The Rush skate park in Gloucestershire is on a site which is due to be redeveloped. But finding a building big enough is proving tricky.

Credit: ITV West Country

Rush skate park is an internationally renowned venue for skateboarders, scooter riders and BMX bikers, attracting 100,000 people a year.

The people who use it say it's one of the only venues in Europe that challenges their skills:

The current site at Brimscombe Port is on land which is due for redevelopment over the next 5 years.

They were always on a short term lease, and must now find a new home.

Credit: ITV West Country

We support the redevelopment of the ports because we are local people, but also we've got to think of our business as well.

We are working with the council and we just need to find some new premises.

– Michelle Norman, Director

So, why can't they just build a replacement?

Rush is working closely with the local council to find a suitable site.