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The Looe landslip tragedy: what happened?

March 22, 2013 - a day that's etched forever in the minds of the residents of Sandplace Road.

The day a landslip killed a neighbour, mother, grandmother and friend.

Susan Norman was killed in the tragedy. Credit: Family

72 hours of terrible weather and torrential rain caused the landslip above the street in Looe - the mound of debris engulfing a building below.

This picture taken that night shows the torrential rain and blocked drains right above Susan Norman's house.

The building collapsed.

An inquest heard how torrential rain triggered the landslip Credit: ITV West Country

One neighbour described how he fought to escape from the wreckage:

He thought he was the only one in. But just a few hours later, Susan Norman was found dead.

I just broke down completely. Pretty much isolated myself from everyone. I still have flashbacks.

– Dwayne Brown, neighbour
Neighbours wrote letters to the council raising concerns about the stability of the area. Credit: ITV West Country

Another neighbour says he warned the council three months before the tragedy that there was a risk of loss of life from landslips.

Goodness knows I didn't want to be proved right.

– Tim Topham, neighbour

Tim says he's seen numerous landslips in the area since 2005.

After the tragedy he and his wife moved out for 18 months. When they moved back in, he says he was given no safety assurances from the council.

Estate Agents say they believe properties aren't saleable on that road.

The site where Susan lost her life remains empty.

The site stands empty today. Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country

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