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Eighty-nine-year-old looking for work because he's 'dying of boredom'

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Meet Joe Bartley. He's 89 years young and proud of it.

This week he placed an advert in his local paper asking for a job - because he can't stand the boredom of being stuck at home in South Devon.

Mr Bartley believes there are thousands of people like him - who end up being sidelined because of their age - when they still have so much to offer.

Joe Bartley as a young soldier. Credit: ITV News

One thing he wasn't proud of was having to rely on benefits to help pay his way.

So the former soldier who was a member of the Airborne Forces and served in Palestine just after the Second World War took the unusual step of seeking help from the public.

Tucked away in a local newspaper we found his ad - where Joe describes himself as "dying of boredom" and on the look out for twenty hours a week work.

Credit: ITV News

I would feel more like Joe - now I don't feel like Joe because I've got to depend on the Council for rent and everything else. You see when you're working for yourself you're more or less self contained. I don't know how to explain it any better really, you feel more individual and you're meeting people, you know making friends.

– Joe Bartley, 89 and looking for work

He just wants the chance to prove himself in a new job.

It's his life experience that Joe hopes will encourage someone out there to give him a chance to show that age is no barrier to making a contribution in the workplace.

Joe and his wife. Credit: ITV News
Our reporter Jeff Welch meets 89 year old, Joe Bartley. Credit: ITV News