Friends who attached Christmas lights to their adjoining homes have been accused of bringing down the neighbourhood.

Alice Hughes and Jordan Franklin put up the fairy lights outside their two houses in Corsham, Wiltshire.

But Alice later received an anonymous note through her door, calling the lights "tacky" and "common."

The friends both work as Santa's elves in a grotto at their local shopping centre.

They splashed out £100 on the lights to bring some festive cheer to the street.

After receiving the letter, Alice and Jordan decided to put up even more lights. Credit: Alice Hughes

But a few days later Alice received an anonymous letter in block capitals saying: "We think your tacky lights have made Light Close very common."

But instead of taking them down, the pair decided to go out and buy another £40 worth of lights.

And since posting the letter she received on social media, Alice told ITV News West Country she has been inundated with offers of more lights.

Alice Hughes and Jordan Franklin both work as professional elves. Credit: Alice Hughes

Alice says: "I couldn't believe it - I laughed when I saw the letter. I was quite shocked."

"How can someone think that? They must just be a Scrooge."

Alice says her family has always decked their home out for Christmas, so when she bought her own home earlier this year, she wanted to do the same.

"We decided the letter was ridiculous, and it's Christmas, and it's all about having lights and a bit of fun, so we thought we'd go and get some more. So we went for it!

"We really like them and think they look great and so do lots of our neighbours."

"We're both elves - and we live on Light Close - of course we've got to have good lights!"