Clean air crisis: will people be charged to drive into central Bristol?

Drivers of so-called dirty vehicles in Bristol could be forced to pay a charge to drive into the city centre.

There are plans to create a Clean Air Zone in the city in a bid to cut down on pollution.

Taxi drivers have been warned they may have to pay a daily fee - but the charges would also apply to other motorists.

Which vehicles could be affected?

The most likely cars to be incorporated under the charge includes:

  • hackney cabs

  • private hire vehicles

  • diesel cars made before last year

  • petrol cars made before January 2005

Credit: PA

Why is the charge being considered?

Air pollution is killing more than 200 people a year in Bristol - according to government data.

The city's air quality is illegally low - and European politicians say tougher laws are needed.

Smog covering Bristol. Credit: PA

A similar low-emission scheme covers most of London.