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Cases of Bird flu found at Dorset tourist attraction

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It's been reported that cases of bird flu have been found in swans at a popular tourist attraction in Dorset.

Nine cases of bird flu have been confirmed at the Abbotsbury swannery in Dorset just days after after a similar outbreak at Slimbridge.

A mother swan sits on her nest at Abbotsbury Swannery. Credit: PA

It's believed the birds have avian influenza. The attraction is currently closed at the moment to the public for the winter season, but bosses say every precaution is being taken to protect staff and prevent further spread.

Credit: ITV News

Experts have said that the threat to public health from the virus is very low.

We sent off some swans for analysis and 9 of them tested positive for H5N8 which is the strain that we've been expecting of avian flu to come in to Europe.

It's all over Europe, it has come in to other parts of the Great Britain. The good thing is that it's not transferable to humans.

– John Houston, Abbotsbury Tourism

The swannery was also hit by the virus in January 2008 when restrictions were put in place. A number of dead birds tested positive for the strain of the virus.

Credit: ITV News