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Green Army ecstatic at Liverpool result, Klopp not so much

Plymouth Argyle fans in the stands at Anfield Credit: PA

Plymouth Argyle fans are no doubt still celebrating after the Pilgrims held Liverpool to a goalless draw.

Argyle now anticipate one of the biggest and most lucrative matches in their history when Liverpool visit Home Park for an FA Cup replay next week.

One of the many families whose dreams came true on Sunday Credit: ITV News

The men, women and children who made their way to Anfield were over the moon at the unexpected score.

Plymouth managed to frustrate the premier league side's efforts in the third round match at Anfield, cheered on by almost 9,000 Argyle fans.

Star player Graham Carey, a Liverpool fan himself since childhood, wasn't surprised at the result.

Meanwhile Argyle captain Luke McCormick had nothing but praise for the fans who carried the team forward.

At a press conference after the match, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp praised the Pilgrims for their hard work - though his comments were tongue in cheek

And thoughts now are all on next week's replay - fans were already out queueing in the rain at Home Park this morning.

Hardy Argyle fans brave the rain at Home Park in the hope that tickets will go on sale at some point Credit: ITV News

Well, one thing's for certain - the ground will echo with Green Army chants and Argyle's trademark version of Twist and Shout as the fans will their side to success against their Premier League opponents.

Here's a taster:

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