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Taunts keep man with learning disabilities stuck inside

Peter Brown can't stand being teased and won't leave the house alone Credit: ITV News

The family of a man with learning disabilities say bullies taunt him so much he now won't leave the house on his own.

Peter Brown from Crewkerne in Somerset is so affected by the teasing that he has to be accompanied when he goes into town.

Stuck inside, Peter's day revolves around TV and video games. Credit: ITV West Country

The 28 year old lives with his gran, his mother and stepfather. His day largely revolves around the television.

He says for 15 years youths have been teasing him because he is different. And now it has got too much.

I don't really feel like going out in just case I get picked on so that is mostly why I don't go out all the time.

– Peter Brown

Peter's family say words can cut every bit as deeply as a weapon; even if the teasing appears to be childish name calling based around his love of Pokemon games.

Peter is happiest when he's looking after sheep on a farm with other people with learning disabilities, other than that if he wants to go out his stepfather has to go with him.

Peter's step dad often accompanies him into town. Credit: ITV West Country

The family say the police do respond when they call them but the bullies have always disappeared by the time anyone comes.

It makes me feel annoyed because knowing he can't go out on his own and someone has to stop what they are doing to go out with him, yeah fair enough I don't mind and his mum don't mind but we shouldn't have to when he is perfectly capable on his own.

– Peter's step dad

The charity MIND says society needs to take care of its more vulnerable members.

The family went to the media as a last resort. Their hope is that those wielding cruel words may be shamed into stopping.

If you'd like some help or advice on similar issues you can contact:

Bullying UK - support for anyone affected by bullying. 0808 800 2222

MIND - mental health help and advice. 020 8519 2122

MenCap - support for those with learning disabilities an their families. 020 7454 0454