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Washed up dolphin and porpoise numbers increase

Common dolphin found at St Ives harbour on 10th January. Photo: Claire Riley/Marine Strandings Network

The number of dolphins and porpoises found washed up on the beaches of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has dramatically increase.

It's according to figures from Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Marine Strandings Network.

Harbour porpoise stranded on Looe Island CWT Nature Reserve on 2nd January. Credit: Claire Lewis/Marine Strandings Network

There have been six times as many reported strandings in the first two weeks of this year than in the same period last year.

first two weeks of 2016
firs two weeks of 2017

At the moment the deaths are unexplained and may be due to natural causes.

Volunteers being trained. Credit: Marine Strandings Network

There are numbers you can call if you come across a stranded marine animal:

  • LIVE stranded marine animal - British Divers Marine Life Rescue 01825 765546
  • DEAD stranded marine animal - CWT Marine Strandings Network 0345 201 2626