Inquest finds businessman was 'unlawfully killed' in hit and run in Ukraine

Barry Pring died in Kiev in 2008

An inquest has recorded a verdict of unlawful killing in the case of Devon businessman Barry Pring who was killed in a hit-and-run in 2008.

The 47 year old suffered horrific injuries when he was hit by a vehicle -possibly a lorry - while waiting for a taxi outside a restaurant in Kiev withhis wife, Ganna Ziuzina.

Mr Pring married Ms Ziuzina, a former stripper, who was almost 20 years his junior, in 2007, His family and friends say they did not believe she lovedhim and that she treated him coldly.

His best friend, Peter Clifford, was best man at the couple's Kiev wedding and, giving evidence at the inquest at Devon County Hall on Tuesday, said Mr Pring was "totally under her influence".

He said: "There is no reasonable doubt in my mind that Barry was murdered, nor is there any reasonable doubt in my mind that Ganna Ziuzina either arranged for, or was complicit in, his murder."

Coroner, Dr Elizabeth Earland said that "strenuous" - but ultimatelyunsuccessful - attempts had been made to try to get Ms Ziuzina to attend the hearing.

Mr Pring's brother, Shaughan, said he believed Ms Ziuzina was "only interested in Barry for his money and saw their relationship as an opportunity to better her position financially".

He added that his brother was "besotted" by the woman, who he knew as Anna, but that she "became very demanding", asking for money.

The inquest heard Mr Pring, originally from East Devon, set up his ownconsultancy business aged 30 after moving to the London area and that his career required him to travel extensively.

His mother, Irene, said in a statement that her son started seeing Ms Ziuzina, who he said was a teacher, when he was 46. She did not find out until later that they had met on a website - - which describes itself as an "online Russian and Ukrainian dating site for men who are looking single women and girls for friendship, relationship and marriage" or that Ms Ziuzina was working as a lapdancer or stripper.

The coroner said she found that Mr Pring had been unlawfully killed.She said: "His guard was lowered by inebriation. The car had stolen licenceplates and did not brake or stop.

"I am satisfied that having heard all the evidence... much of it circumstantial, nevertheless, in my view it is overwhelming."

"I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Barry John Pring has beenunlawfully killed."

She said the case demonstrated the difficulty in investigating a case of adeath abroad and added: "Our thoughts and condolences must go to the family who have endured years and years of distress and unhappiness."